Preparing yourself to have more during the new year by having less

Hi All!

You may not have time to do the annual house cleaning or do something major. Instead try to change something small but have enough impact on your daily life. If you clean up your bed or your powder table because you’re using them everyday, then you’re definitely need to clean something that you use to more than your bed, yes it’s our beloved palm size gadget, mobile phone. After this I’m sure you are ready to walk in 2014.

Shuffle them off!

As 2013 is the year of advance apps mobile and be honest, we’ve installed many kind of apps, took a lot of pictures or downloaded tons of song into our phone. I don’t ask you to throw everything you have on your phone away. But we can do simple shuffling activities here.


  • Cut down unnecessary apps

This is an easy to do because we know exactly what we don’t need since we look at it everyday. There are many powerful and useful apps, but let’s face it, if you don’t use them, then you don’t need them. Even if your friends tell they’re good or you read good reviews, it doesn’t mean you have to have them. Your phone should be personal, a reflection of your personality. Throwing away the apps that you don’t need means welcoming those that suit your needs and personality.

  • Flip your photos into albums

The best thing to clean up your photos is by scrolling your photos and categorizing them into albums, you will know which ones are trash so you just need to toss them afterwards. When you’re done, move some that are too old, too many or less important into your computer or hard disk. Something like Summer 2011 or your graduation 5 years ago, of course they are nice, but not only they will eat your space, also they bring an oudated feeling to your phone. Instead you can style them up on your laptop. You can organize, edit, make a nice slide show with perfect song background. It will be more memorable that way. And don’t forget to share with the people who were on it! You’ll make them smile for something old on the new year.

  • Sync those playlists!

We all know that put our music on our phone is nice. But it surely eat up your space. It’s the same as apps and photos, there are songs that we can cut down or replace with the new ones. Organizing your songs into playlists is the way, not on your phone, but on your computer before you move the songs. Pick your favorite songs that fit into your activities through the day and make interesting playlists like exercise songs, reading time, coffee break, spirit at work, karaoke driving, or missing you. Let’s remember that our goal is to have more free space in a nice way, so don’t transfer the whole list of the playlist from your computer, you still need to break them down. If you have 30 songs on one playslist on your laptop, bring only 10-12 of them on your phone, then you can do the same for your other favorite playlists. Trust me, you won’t spend the whole day listening music from your phone anyway because as you know it, you will have social interactions too.

  • Go more digital

Many innovation this year we know is helpful on our daily life. Even build-in features on our phone or tablet are enough to cover our basic need to work paperless. In fact you have spent your budget for your gadget, so now it’s time to make use of the investment. Start organizing your agenda, reminder, drafts, notes, bills and name cards to digital world. This is not something new, but there are more people than you know that haven’t done it. However, like the first point, you need to do it on apps that it really works for you. Evernote is one perfect example as powerful tool to organize your 3D documents into 2D. Don’t forget to use the cloud system document sharing like dropbox or box.

Our generation lives in the breakthrough period of gadget world. Today, many people concern about young people are too dependable with our gadget. We become ignorance with our surrounding and forgetting the real life. I wonder if the point of view is different. Technology should make your life simple, use it smartly, and it will help you cut down your time to finish your work. It always like this no matter what century you are living in. I think what is wrong about the dependecy using our gadget it’s not the time or the amount we spend on it, but the extend of what we are doing with it and of course the attitude. We can communicate through online services, but if we deliberately miss the opportunity to meet face-to-face, that is wrong. For me, we are living in the world that provides easy tools for our daily life so we can focus on other topics that our parents and ancentor had ignored to do better because the limitation of technology on their time. So the higher technology we can use to help our daily needs, the more time we have to concern about others, environment, and surrounding. And 2014 is expected to have more innovation, so prepare yourself for the best!