Street Children Project: Present for 2014 – Poster and More..

Hi All,

Finally the poster is finished! Now we are ready to spread the words to the worlds!!! (Okay, I’m warning you the tension is just too high..)


Although I wrote the story on my previous post, here are some things about the project:

The Project

We collect the old or unused dolls and toys to give away to the street children in certain North Jakarta area. Those children are struggling with their home economy and education. While we supporting them with basic education, it is time to encourage them for a better future. That is what we believe it can be send through dolls and toys.

The Donation

We are calling for all generous Jakartans to donate your old dolls and toys for the children. In addition, we would like to request you to share your childhood memories, dreams or thoughts so your valuable childhood will motivate them. In return, the children will prepare something for you (Sssstt, this is a surprise), which will not be less valuable than what you give to them.

The Key People

In this project I teamed up with close friends and family. I first brought the idea to Georges, the founder of a dedication foundation for the street children. Then together with my old brother, Rama, he is the organizer of meetup ‘Positivo’, we continue the meeting to hopefully help this project. Lastly, the recent update, I just talked to one of oldest-best-friend, Soraya, she is the former AISEC president, and she has agreed to join up and spread the projects to her other fellows.

The Next Thing…

While me and Soraya are busy behind the screen, the next thing will be ‘Positivo’ meetup on this Saturday, the 18th. We expect more positivans could show up. I’m really excited to get this project more structure and organize for the children. Moreover, to meet new people that will join the meetup. If you are in the area, do not hesitate to join us! Click here

We really hope that there are more people to support us!

Talk to you later on this project progress!

Love you guys,