Ken Pattern Art Exhibition: On Marina Bay


The Event

In the end of December, I thought it would be perfect closing down the year with another art exhibition visit. This time it held in Hardiprana Gallery in Kemang Area, South Jakarta. When I walked in to the gallery room, there were fine paintings and drawings all over the bright white wall. The artist was International fine painter, Ken Pattern. On the front side of the gallery, it was full of paintings from this exhibition’s theme, “On Marina Bay”. On the side through the back, there were his specialty, Lithography works. After struggling for a moment, I decided to focus on the theme paintings over the lithograph due to limitation of time.

The Story

I walked in through the paintings on the front side. Like any other art exhibitions or galleries that I have been, I enjoyed the moment when I was wondering the meaning behind those paintings. At first I just figured that all of those paintings had the same main object. It was the famous architecture, iconic skyline building in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Building. Lucky me, a gallery stuff who was in charge on that time, Mr. Johan, was so kind to accompany me and shared the story behind those arts. “Mr. Ken was inspired by the building. Not only because of the remarkable architecture, but also the fact that the building brings mixed social culture”, Mr. Johan explained.

Marina Bay building developed by Las Vegas Sands, a global leader on casino and resort operator. With this western entertainment culture, the existence of Marina Bay building in one of eastern heart city, proved a cross culture between two worlds. This was what the artist illustrated on his paintings. He exposed different focus which became different story for each painting. Some of the paintings obviously showed the artist’s private emotion and experiences. “He was born in Canada, and he has been living in Jakarta for more than 10 years. Therefore for him, the place where he is staying now also brings cross culture. It’s the same like Marina Bay building”, added Mr. Johan. The theme paintings not only had delivered their unique stories, but also done beautifully smooth. They looked like photographs, only if you look them very close, you would not figure that they are paintings. I rushed to pick some of the works.

The Art

Title: “And the winner takes all”. An illustration of gambling just like a sausage. It is slippery, once you are win, you are likely to win the next one.

Title: “Falls At the Sands”. This is a painting of original Marina Bay building, only with additional fountain in between. The dessert represent Nevada dessert where creator of the building, Las Vegas Sands, comes from.

Title: “Lone Shark”. It symbolizes the perception of gambling with its relation with loan, addiction and risks when you are losing.

Title: “Hot Air”. We know that casino entertainment full of hot games. No wonder the ‘air’ surrounds it becomes hot as well. That is what the air balloon stands for.

The Artist

Ken Pattern was originally in Canada. He attained his affection on art in Vancover. Later he found his passion on lithography. He has been holding and participating in numbers of art exhibitions internationally. As I mentioned, his workpieces of Jakarta scenes in black and white lithograph works were also showed on this exhibition. They were incredibly beautiful, sharp and smooth. It was amazing considering the hard work in lithography steps that add much more value from the original drawing. I really wish to attend his next exhibition and take closer attention to his lithography works. But for now, here are some snaps of his beautiful black and white lithography printings.

Lithography painting of ‘Tukang Jamu’

Lithography painting of ‘Kali Sunter’ 

Enjoy guys!

Images are taken by me from the exhibition



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