Street Children Project: Present for 2014 – Positivo Meetup and More Update

Hi all,

How was everyone weekend? Mine was beyond great!
I’m so happy we made many progress from the present project.
Here are some great updates on last weekend:

Positivo Meetup

Last Saturday, we finally had Positivo Meetup. My brother and I were so happy because many people managed to come despite Jakarta’s horrible rainy weather this past few weeks where in some of the city areas are still flooding. About thirteen people showed up on this 2nd meetup after only four of us on the first one.


Since we had more new members, so we began the meeting with introducing each other. It was really cool to hear everyone’s profile from different background. As the meeting host, my brother Rama, gave introduction and background about the idea behind “Positivo”.

Positivo was inspired actually by the negativeness from the vibrant city that we are living in, Jakarta. Instead wasting our thoughts and energy on all the negativity surround us, Rama believes we should focus more on the positiveness. He knew that there are out there who want to contribute into positivity activities. So it became the main background he created this community.

On the meeting he later mentioned his plan to have Positivo focus on helping different kind of NGOs in the city. “We could focus on one NGO on each meeting and try to contribute something. The next meeting we could have another organization as the center of attention”, Rama explained.

Afterwards, Georges continued by presenting his foundation about what his projects are, what he had done so far, and what he is focusing right now. The foundation mainly core is on street children. His projects are spread out on different slump areas in Jakarta. Currently he is focusing on education, inspiration, and health.

We also mentioned the ‘Present for 2014’ project that I organized as small side project of Georges foundation. I then explained shortly the project and what we are doing.

The meeting continued on sharing each other thoughts and opinions. As well, of course, getting to know each other more. It was such an exciting afternoon.

Sunday’s Visit

On the next morning, I came to the project area in Pluit. I supposed to replace Georges, who had bad fever even during the meetup a day before, to continue his weekly class.

But Jakarta’s weather really didn’t give any mercy. Rain keeps falling the whole day. Annual flooding ruins some of the city areas. After trying to confirm the situation in Pluit, me and the other volunteer were relieved that it wasn’t so bad on the area the children lives. Some houses have flood with the height about adult’s ankle.

Even on my way to Pluit by public bus, I got block on the city’s main road because the flood was too high even for bus. So I took off, caught a taxi and went around to enter the highway. It was the only safe way to get to the area.

When I arrived, we decided that we cancel the classroom because the ground that we usually sit on, was too wet. But the children were already gather. We didn’t want to dismiss them just like that, we played together with them some of traditional games, we also sang together some of the nation songs. It was great to see their cheerfulness.

We ended the weekly gathering with giving away food. Fitri a.k.a Shelby, the team leader of this area, was very kind to prepare the meal for all the children. We had remaining foods because many of the children didn’t come because of the flood. Instead we went around the houses and visit the flood’s victim to give the food and to look their situation.

I talked with Shelby about the project I am busy on. She gave me positive feedback. She said this is the right time, because the rainy season sweep away their motivation. The project will surely pump up their courage again. And that is what my wish too.

I didn’t take any picture. Simply because my hands were full the whole time, with children or with foods. No wonder since it was five volunteers and we had around thirty children…

More updates…

We started to receive the toys and dolls!! This was also during the meetup. A few people showed up just to drop their old stuff, thanks to the announcement and the poster that we have communicated before.

I really can’t wait to start working on all the dolls and toys. We are still waiting for more of them, since we got good responds that people wants to donate their old treasure. What I can’t wait the most is to read everyone’s childhood stories. So we give more time for the donation.

Also coming out from the meetup, we decided on the event’s date! Current plan, it will be on the 23rd of February. Even though it’s further than what I had plan before, for the end this month, it sounds more realistic as we have enough time to prepare everything.

So there are the updates activities of the project. The next post I think will be…..when we finally get our hands on the dolls and toys!!

Don’t forget to stay positive guys!
And this is something to motivate, from Mark Twain: