The City: Becoming and Decaying – The Exhibition

Photography Exhibition

Indonesian National Gallery

24 January – 07 February

Building A, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur no. 14, Jakarta

Organized by:
Goethe Institute

In a steamy humid day just two days after heavy rain poured the whole city for one full week, I completely tied up in the second most crowded and populated urban city. Jakarta’s traffic jam is always be the most intolerance thing that I would never accustom with, no matter what the reason is. The distance to reach my destination was only 4 km away from my start point, unreasonably I had arrived there in 3 hours. A journey that I took was considerably normal for the citizens of this metropolitan city. It means including three times changing the city bus with one time due to flat tire, the second one caused by the destructed main road, and the last one was simply because the whole bus stop drawned under water even though rain had not fallen on that day. I was stuffed by heat, dust, honks and anxiety. “This is how the urban life feels like” said myself.

An event brought me to the country’s National Gallery that I have never been before. It is located in old city centre of Jakarta in colonial times. It surrounded by the main train station, Gambir, and other historical places. The building itself was an old Dutch style with huge main door and tall windows. Once I walked in, I straightly saw a big board full with the explanation about the event.

For its 30th anniversary, a well known German Photography Agent, OSTKREUZ, celebrates the joy with bringing the art in camera to embrace how people living in urban area. There are 8 Germany talented photographers who had journey to certain urban areas around the world and experienced how human civilization influences its habitant. Some impacts led to fortune, others brought to wastefulness. Each area has been pictured in photography essay that taken and written very well by the photographers. The combination between the photos and the essays unified the story that drawned me as if I have been to those places myself.

The exhibition tours throughout South East Asia with Jakarta as one of the post points. The organizer of the event is German culture exchange centre, Goethe Institute.

I really like to explore each of the photographer’s work, simply because they are all interested. So I will do as series in here just for the purpose of neatness.

These are some snapshoots from the exhibition.

Indonesia National Gallery Building

The view pointed to the main door

For now, happy weekend guys!