Febuary, It’s all about embracing inspiration

Hello everyone,

Of course we planned to post this in the beginning of the month, but February is just a lot of excitment all over the place for us!

January was really a great start of the year for us. We both took first steps on what we really wanted to do. It was also adaptation in the new environment. However, January in jakarta was packed with warnings. The weather officially entered the annual rainy season. A lot of heavy rain, thunders, and traffic jams. Many city’s areas hit by floods and many road infrastructure got ruined. It influenced our social and daily activity. That’s why in Febuary we expect to have more productive time to finish things that got delayed last month.

Even the month only has run for less than 10 days, we able to enlarge our social network both through media and direct contacts. For the rest of the month, our agenda is full of events and activities. We really can’t wait to explore more and eventually to embrace many inspirations of people’s creativities and generosities. And of course, February is the month of love.

We hope everyone’s year starter was amazing as well!

To celebrate all these wonderful things, it won’t be no other than this:


With all the love,

Chiyo and Aya

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