The City Series: Ordos, The Ghost City

Location: Ordos, China

Photography Essay by: Maurice Weiss

Exhibition: The City – Becoming and Decaying

20140209-171257.jpg Photograph ‘Itinerant Worker’ by Maurice Weiss

The story of the first order in this exhibition, was in 2008. A very new urban area that surrounded by mongolian desert, Ordos, predicted to be fast civilized city that could have 4 – 5 million inhabitants by supporting the other urban populated areas in China. Development had been prepared at that time. Many goverment projects assigned in infrastructures, industries, facilities, and so on. Maurice Weiss had a chance to travel to the area with his Chinese acquintance to visit one of the first buildings that established in the area, an art museum. Weiss took his camera to witness the city’s development and its small number of population that took a part to build it.

In this current day, the city has around two million inhabitants in 87.000 metersquare. With its abudant infrastructure and hardly found population, the city is called as a ‘ghost city’.

20140209-171522.jpg Photograph ‘Worker’ by Maurice Weiss

20140209-171721.jpg Photograph ‘Ski Lift’ by Maurice Weiss

The desert projected city has well pictured by Weiss’ photographs. Despite showing the emptiness and the abandonment, his photos portray that nevertheless the urbanization was there even if only served a minor civilization. Additionally to the black and white tone, it clearly expressed that people or citizen is the key for urban area.

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