The City Series: Dubai, The Resort

Location: Dubai, UEA

Photography Essay by: Thomas Meyer

Exhibition: The City – Becoming and Decaying

20140210-113651.jpg Photograph ‘Red Dunnes’ by Thomas Meyer

Beforehand, he never went to Dubai, but Thomas Meyer came to witness this fast changing cosmopolitan city. The city offers a metropolitan living with its famous skyscrappers, tourism, aviation and real estate. Despite the crowd architecture in the city, Meyer confessed several constructions were ongoing. One empty square would change into the city’s accessory in couple of week. He then decided to focus himself on the urban’s details, structures and ornament.

20140210-113911.jpg Photograph ‘Dubai Marina’ by Thomas Meyer

20140210-114030.jpg Photograph ‘Hotel Atlantis’ by Thomas Meyer

20140210-114153.jpg Photograph ‘Downtown Dubai’ by Thomas Meyer

He entitled his photograph essay as ‘The Resort’, representing exclusive urban facilities, services and security that Dubai provides. I personally cherish the composition of objects and color in his photographs. They creates softness for picturing such a cosmopolitan city that represents the harmony and gentleness in the urbanization.