Selfie Time!! The Author’s Birthday Celebration

Hello All,

This time we are doing a special post to celebrate our author’s birthday!!
Yep, Ayu just turned to 25 years old on 12 February.
So as b-day present, we are dedicated this post to be (almost) everything about her since she rarely talk as herself in this blog.

Oh, we played Q&A game to get to know her more! Read on below, us as CA (Chiyo and Aya) and Ayu as TA (The Author). Enjoy!!


CA: Happy Birthday to you~~~Tell us everything about your b-day!!

TA: Wow, it was really special day especially at home. Besides my birthday, our parents also has their anniversary. So, me: 25 years vs our parents: 29 years. And the same as other annual events, I haven’t celebrate birthday with my family for 6 years!

Alright, my day started very early. At 6 am, my brother sang the HBD song veeerryy loud and woke me up. Behind him, my parents brought the cake to my room.

The yellow velvet from my big brother

My brother took a pic for three of us. I was still in my bed and just woke up (( _ _ ))..zzzZZZ

You can imagine, we ate that cake early in the morning. Because that was exactly what we did. Later that morning, my mom hustled in the kitchen saying she has something special. In the end it was homemade zuppa soup. It was her first time made the dish, and it was really good!!

Mommy’s first zuppa soup as birthday breakfast 

It was such a waste that the day was on weekday. So I couldn’t celebrate it with my friends, instead I made appointment with some of the friends in another day of the week. Anyhow, it didn’t stop me to be spoiled. I gave present to myself a complete home beauty treatment. So I had face mask, hair mask, manicure and pedicure.

A snap from the ‘beauty treatment’

Additionally, I did something that I don’t do everyday, cleaning my desk!!lol. Lately, my desk is always full with sketch papers, event’s brochures and my lovely color pencils. So on my birthday, I clean! And let my ‘working’ stuff time off for a day (along with my brain).

The different view before and after cleaning my desk

And nothing feels like your birthday without selfie time, right?! So I dressed up since my mom and aunts asked me out to have small celebration. And of course I visited an art gallery along the way, no excuse for art even in this special day. I borrowed my mom’s dress, it was a pretty long dress with champagne pink as based color, and black and red traditional motives around the neck area and at the bottom ara of the dress. I really liked it. And it was very comfort too.

My outfit of the day

Coffee and shrimp roll snack at Rempah – Rempah, South Jakarta

Back at home, my mom have prepared Indonesian celebration meal, ‘Nasi Kuning’ for family dinner. It wasn’t very busy day, it was more like relaxing and enjoyful day with my family, just how I imagined it should be. And I really glad that I saved my energy on that day, because starting the next day I got full packed schedule.

CA: It seems you had a great day! What do you imagine about being 25? What will be different than last year?

TA: I always imagine 25 as the edge of transition age. When you are 18 – 24, you try to have your first step on the ground. Where, when, what and how you want to do it, you are hesitating until you finally decide to take one step for the first time. Just like a young bird that want to learn how to fly, it take one or several times to try. In the age of 25, I am already flying in the sky although it still low, slow and struggling. What I need to do in that age is to make myself balance and focus where direction I want to take, so I can fly properly on my own to the place I want to be. That’s what I imagined.

The different would be the view that I see in pretty much everything: social, work, love, life, etc. Just like the bird that can look different scenery once it is flying than when before it was still on the ground. Being back home after so long in very different culture and situation, I realized how much my dream may change to contribute something here. And thanks to the activities from Chiyo & Aya, I become to appreciate many things and I consider my surronding; the people, the environment, the society; on my decision making. While up until few months ago, I only considered about myself.

CA: What is your birthday wish this year?

TA: I wish I could find the right settlement to start living in my dream. Recently I also busy to form my own potential business. So together with Chiyo & Aya, I wish I could be closer to find place that I belong (^。^)

CA: What does make you excited recently?

TA: Definitely the beauty of people!! The thoughts, spirits and creations of people who appreciate the true beauty of human lifes are inspiring to me. I think the sight when I could see people’s creativeness to contribute in our society or when I could find people’s ambition to help others. It fascinates me every time I see those kind of things, I could smile, laugh, be greatful, inspired. It feels so good that I could forget all the bad things that ever happen to me.

CA: Do you have any major plan for Chiyo & Aya?

TA: Of course I have many thoughts for both of you… However, we need to be focus on the detail to make it effective with my schedule, it may takes some times though. I try to improve the content and my writing skills in every post, Those are my priority. I plan to make our own logo and eventually improve the blog. I also want to create our name card so it will be easier for me to connect with other people. Chiyo & Aya is my source of inspiration, so the most important thing for me is to enjoy the whole process.

CA: Alright, the last thing, what is your current dream?

TA: I imagine the world where the people realize the best of themselves and eventually create a better living for each other.

I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Enjoy your weekend and we will write to you soon.


Chiyo &Aya