The City Series: Moabit, The City Behind The Wall

Location: Moabit, Germany

Photography Essay by: Jordis Antonia Schlosser

Exhibition: The City – Becoming and Decaying

Photograph ‘Street Look’ by Jordis Schlosser

Moabit is an inner city of Berlin. It is well known as Central Criminal Court and detentian centre that deals with all criminal cases in Berlin. Jordis Schlosser took a journey to the urban and visited to the famous Moabit prison. There were 1200 prisoners awaiting their trial and 700 guards watching over them.

Schlosser later called her essay work as ‘the city behind the wall’. She illustrated the wall of the prison as the border of the city. She wrote it as ‘the city within the city’. The prison have workshop gardening, tailoring, kitchen, post office, bank, barber; it just like what a common city should provide except luxurious entertainment.


Photograph ‘Penitentiary Gardening Facilities’ by Jordis Schlosser

Photograph ‘Gym’ by Jordis Schlosser

The subjects on Schlosser’s photographs convince that the urban culture exist inside Moabit prison. They are portrayed well her figure of the prison as ‘The City Behind The Wall’.