Present for 2014: The Ultimate Prep

Good day all!

Excited news, we did it!! We did the project yesterday, Sunday the 30th. Then, you might wonder why I wrote the preparation instead. As relieved as I am that the project is done, I have one single photo nor video to share about what happened yesterday. I was busy the whole time, even my beloved iphone got a total destruction (though the phone is still working).

Another reason is that we unexpectedly had a superb documentation team. They need some times to work on all the photos and videos. While waiting for them, I am going to rewind our last-minute-week of preparation.

As you might know, the project got delayed several times. The project might have been delayed, but we were not slowing down. In fact, we got more supply due to the time extention.

Cheap Labor Exploitation

You must remember Soraya, or her common nickname is Sarah (I called her with total different name though) who has relatively-new-yet-great-already blog (check on her in here). During her newly busy schedule, I had been ‘blackmailing’ her to start wrapping the presents. Making them ready for the kids.

On Sunday the 23rd, finally she showed up to my house, we started wrapping the present that were already labelled with the donator name and number. While we were at it, I found that she was much faster than me, but the wrapping quality, was questionable. It was just like a cheap labor does. Fast, poor quality, and cheap. She rewarded with couple glasses of water and one stolen banana (it was my brother’s).

The cheap labor working hard

Thanks to her work (and little bit of mine), we finished wrapping around 60 toys. It took us twice half day, we continued the next day after we had all the presents from Felicia (read on the next section). You know, it will never be a high productive day when two old-friend-girls are in one room.

Result from day 1

A Surprise behind The Surprising Plan

Post Positivo Meetup, I am in contact with some members, one of them is Felicia. From the eatly time just after the meeting, she offered me her help to gather the toys from her relatives and friends.

Since the project got delayed, she then texted me that she has so many toys plus, they were already wrapped by her mom. Well well, I couldn’t think of any better words than saying bunch of gratitude thanks.

At first, we picked Sunday the 23rd to meet and handover the toys. But the city traffic was full all day long, we wouldn’t moved if we went outside by car.

Another surprise from her, was to suggest to meet on Monday midday. In another mean, she was willing to give day off from her work. We had not so much option left considering the time and distance (her house is 60km away from mine, in another suburban, totally opposite side than mine), in the end we went with her plan. I felt bad about it, until now I’m still hoping that she had another reason to take that day off….

There was one more surprise from her, and it was the best one that I had so far even though I am not the end receiver. She brought 87 presents!! She really meant it when she said that we need to go with a car. Because in second my car was full of toys.

The presents were in complete packaged, wrapped, labelled and nice. Her mom is so sweet to wrap them all.

Ready presents from Felicia (the shot was just apart of the whole amount)

Ayu, Felicia and Mama Felicia after handing over all the toys

Write, Write, Write

Apparently the rest of the work was my part. After seeing how much effort the others made, all I did was writting.

I wrote couple of emails to the involved people, like Fitri who is the leader of the volunteers on the area. Of course to Georges and the others who would support the project.

I wrote another reminder to the donators who had not yet send their messages to the kids. Lucky me, they responded just in time.

Lastly I hand wrote the rest of donators’ messages into cards which would attach to the present. Due to the lack of time, I brought all the equipments and wrote the cards at work, at cafes, and at my friend’s house.


The messages were thoughtful and encouraging, more than I expected. To appreciate the donators and their kindness, in the next post I’d like to share those messages of courage.

Read the complete stories of the project so far in here.

Bye for now!!!