Present for 2014: The Real Presents Are The Ones Which Unseen

Morning All,

A couple days ago I promised to write you the messages from donators who are not only kind but also generous enough to care about others.

The messages have power to give someone else strengths, courage and hope. In fact, they worth much much more than the tangible presents.

Maybe it wouldn’t be realistic to expect that the kids would value those messages than the actual presents. They are children after all. But I hope that the older ones would noticed. Maybe they didn’t feel anything when we gave those messages to them. But I hope one day, those messages, those spirit of generousity would help them when they think their world is crushing down and nothing is right.

Only by reading those messages made me already feel that we had done the project sucessfully. We couldn’t measure what will be the result, whether the kids would really have gotten the meaning of those messages. In fact I didn’t care anymore. I just hope that they did.

The messages are the goodwills of love, kindness and generousity to others. They are love letters. They are quotes. They are the voices of heroes and leaders who care and encourage others.

I collected some of them before we gave them away. And here is the translation. Let’s hear them.


“Dear Friends, study dilligently my friends. Achieve your dreams! So we all can be successful people!”

“Hey friends, dare to live the life you have been dreaming of for yourself. Go forward and make your dream come true.”

“Happy studying, praying and playing.”

“This doll always company me when I was studying so that I had always be 1st rank in the class. I hope the same thing goes to you. Keep the spirit!!”

“Happy studying! If you study hard, you can be smart and you can attend a better school. Keep the spirit!”

“Study actively, young brothers and sisters”

“Happy studying young brothers and sisters. Reach your dream as big as possible.”

“Study dilligently and achieve your dreams.”

“For my beloved brothers and sisters, I hope this toy will give you more spirit to study dilligently.”

“Be happy~~always~~”
-Omma Elli

“Happy studying so that you dreams will come true.”

“Dear friends, keep on smiling and never give up even though there will be many thing that can make you fall. Remember, there always be rainbow after the rainy storm.”

“My friend, study dilligently so you can be smart and your dream come true.”

“Happy studying and playing. Hopefully you can be a good and smart kid.”

“Always trying and never give up. It is the key of sucess.”

“My friend, Happy reading, writing, and counting. Do not giving up!.”

“My sweet younger sisters, this is my beloved dolls when I was young. I hope they can be your beloved one and make you always happy.”

“For younger brothers, play them well. Because a lot of memories from when I was 3 years old. But don’t forget to study.”

“Dreams are not decided from the wealth and the poorness. Instead, they are decided from the strong willingness and fighting to make them come true. Don’t be scared to dream. And keep having the highest dream.”

“Say it to yourself: one day I will be a great person.”

“My friends, embrace this life with patience. You are the one who can help yourself. Keep the spirit and never give up.”

“My sisters, don’t ever giving up with the situation. Keep on studying and working. Make everyone to be proud of you.”

“My little sisters, this doll was my good friend who company me when I chased my dream. Now, I hope it can be your friend who company you when you are searching and chasing your dream”


Now what is your message?

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