Edwin’s Gallery: Discover A Shelter of Art on Heavy Rain

Hi All!

It’s been a while since I wrote about contemporary art.
And I just have a perfect story for it.

One day, I was going outside to Kemang area, technically to drop my brother for a couple of business meetings. After I dropped him, I rode around the area to look for one art gallery. It started to rain and it became heavier and heavier. I called the place and tried to look for it the best I could as it had been described by the person on the phone. It wasn’t that easy.

The hints that I got were saying that the place didn’t have a sign name from the outside and that it was like a normal house (not a building nor a store). If you have been to that area, yeah you know that those hints didn’t help so much right?! Especially in heavy rain.

I finally stopped my car on the place I thought was right. I asked the security, turned out the place I looked for was on next door. I didn’t have the effort to move my car there. I took my umbrella which I only could found a broken umbrella in my car, then went off to the art gallery. The gallery name is Edwin’s gallery.

Kinetic Arts, When Arts Meet Science

I entered in the gallery, half wet. At first it was just like a normal Gallery, like paintings hanging everywhere and the space separated by walls. I took one round in the first room. Until a gallery staff came to me. He then brought me to one art piece.

I had never seen such an art work before. “It’s an kinetic art”, said the staff. I had no idea what it was until he plugged in the cable and the art work started to move. And it was amazingly cool! They had some of the kinetic art works, I felt like going back to playground! Here I shared the two most coolest in my version.

Light of Rhythm

The first art work is called ‘Light of Rhythm’. It was inspired by swimming squid. It is the art work by Edwin Raharjo, the owner of the gallery. It is a combination of his knowledge of mechanical and lighting from photography and interior design.

The work had unique design. And ‘the real art’ started when it was moving. The motoric movements and the back lighting made those ‘fins’ looked like swiming in the ocean. It such an inspirational work, I kept staring at it and felt so amazed by it. ‘Light of Rhythm’ was finished in 2013 and had been in domestic and internaltional exhibitions last year.

‘Light of Rhythm’ by Edwin Raharjo, front and back sides

Tropism Well

In another corner, at first I thought it was a room display or something, but I was wrong. It was another art work. It is called Tropism Well made by Poietic Studio in London. This one supposed to display in outdoor. Obviously I couldn’t see the demonstration. One, because it looked heavy to move. Two, it was raining outside.

Tropism Well streams water from its wooden stomach then the water goes to its neck made from glass pipe and comes to its glass tube head. The gallery staff told me that when the head is full of water, the neck which is actually flexible, takes the weight and bows lower so that people can reach the flowing water from the head. In addition, it also works by sensor.

I really wished that I could see it works. The combination of materials in its design fascinatedly reflects the perfect combination between the excellent shape of arts and the purposefulness of science.

Tropism Well by Poietic Studio

Meet Up with Local Artists Paintings

Besides holding those uniques contemporary kinetic art works, Edwin’s gallery also collects many of local artists’ paintings. As looked around those paintings, I felt there was one string that sort of put all of them together. A perfect word for it could be ‘contemporary’. The theme of those paintings were contemporary paintings which was showed in different point of views. They had traditional, western, politics, or society as illustrations. I absolutely agreed that the gallery called themeselves ‘contemporary art gallery’ on their brochure that I read later of the day.

The painting collection was exquisitely marvelous. But what made me felt the rainbow, was the fact that they were showpieces of Indonesian artists. Not to mention, many of them were showing from recent period. I took pics of some of the paintings, but couldn’t decide which will be my favorite because I like them all! Somebody help please…?!

News Series: Refresh #01 by Gusman Heriadi

Land if Mytha (2012) by Rieswandi

Intermediate Class (2012) by Ayu Arista Murti

Good Boy (2013) by Hojatul

The Bunter Guards (2013) by Heri Dono

Harmony Corrupting (2013) by Indra Widiyanto

The Cellist (2013) by Gusman Heriadi

Follow (2007) by Sugiyo Dwiarso

Membaca Tanda – Tanda by Tommy Wondra

Tumbuh (1999) by Rudi Mantopani

Malam Belum Datang by Tommy Wondra

The Dictator (2012) by Gusmen Heriadi

Short Story About The Gallery

Edwin Raharjo was born in Jakarta, 1953. He spent most of his education years in USA majoring in photography, architecture, interior design and arts. In 1984, he opened Edwin’s Gallery with focusing on contemporary artists until present day. The gallery has been successfully hold and participate various art exhibitions both in domestic and international. In 1995, Edwin Raharjo followed his another passion in mechanics and made his first kinetic art work. From 2011 – 2013 he organized ‘Kinetic Arts Event’ in three consecutive years. He has been truly contributing to share his compassion in arts to Indonesian artists.


I was really enjoying my time in the gallery. If only my brother had not called me, I would have stayed longer and visited all the corners of it. Or at least took a picture of the outside view of the gallery (I couldn’t believe I forgot about it). Nevertheless, from now on I know where I could find insipiration from high quality works of local artists even in such a bad weather.

Hope you can enjoy this, it will be my genuine pleasure as always.