The Dreaming May

Hi All!

It’s almost a month since our last post.
No more excuse, we apologize.
No more promise, we will keep on trying our best.

During our posting absent, nothing becomes dull and bored.
We did many interesting things and met some fascinating people.
From what we crossed over this past month and what we look forward on this next month plan, we are surrounding on people with dreams, of course including ourselves 🙂
Some of us are on the way to pursuit the dreams,
Some are crawling how to start,
Some are overwhelming on the big dreams,
And some are trying to convince themselves that it is possible to come true.
Whatever steps we are in now, those who believe in dreams are those who bring hopes.
For all big dreamers out there, let’s cheering each other to pursuit our dreams become reality.
As we skipped the quote of the month of April, please enjoy these two great quotes!



Keep on dreaming!!


Chiyo and Aya