A Night with Nial Djuliarso in Serambi Jazz

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It’s been a while since I wrote about music event.
A night before Easter’s long weekend, I went to a Jazz Concert.
I was surprised on how long I had not been into one, while Jazz is one of my fave genre. I realized that I didn’t into Jazz Concert in Europe…Now I am asking myself why…?? Let’s just pretend that there were just too many things that I excited about when I was there, then after not being there anymore I have ton of things that I wish I had done there. lol.

Conclusion: the last time I went to Jazz Concert was around 7-8 years ago also in Jakarta. Since my student years, Jazz music became more and more popular in Jakartans young folks, it just my opinion that the music genre somehow fits the major personality of Jakartans.
I was super excited for this, especially since it was held with smaller audience. I asked my Japanese friend, Akira, to accompany me and also to show him Indonesian-Jazz music.


Serambi Jazz for Jazz Lovers

The night concert was part of Serambi Jazz Series which is ra regular jazz concert event organized by the famous local Jazz musician, Riza Arshad, together with Goethe Institute, German Culture Centre in Jakarta. It started in 2009, and it continues to hold Jazz concert for every two months. The music performance does not ask for any charge. It is purposefully aimed to get more people enjoy jazz music performed by Indonesia artists. On the particular night that I was present, the performance led by Nial Djuliarso.

Nial Djuliarso in Quartet Performance

Nial Djuliarso is a native Jakartan who pursuit his music study in the US. He is now active as professional Jazz artist in local and international stage. His talent and passion was attractively shown on his performance.

After his opening solo performance, the other band member showed up one by one. Soon the show became a quartet performance with this arrangement:

Nial Djuliarso – Piano
Othman Djuliarso – Drum
Kevin Yosua – Bass
Robert Mulyarahardja – Gitar

During the concert, each supporting member chatted a bit with the audience and played a solo performance. Together, the quartet played such enjoyable instrumental-only-songs from local to foreign artists. Except one gospel song, ‘Let it shine’, that Nilai sang the lyrics enthusiastically.

This is a clip of the concert, music performed by the quartet:

Personally, I think event like Serambi Jazz is the perfect place for the artists to show their passion and talent and the perfect venue for freshmen Jazz lovers.

*Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I am totally amateur for video uploading and editing (>__<“)


More Information:


Goethe Haus

Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 9-15

Menteng, Jakarta Pusat


Goether Institute

E: kultur@jakarta.goethe.org

W: goethe.de/indonesien

Tw: @GI_Indonesien

More About Serambi Jazz, clik here



Have a nice weekend all!