Officially Introduce: Newseries

Hi all,

Although it has been started twice, but we haven’t officially introduce the program yet.

It began from the laziness to read the update news about our interests. So we decided to do it at least once a week and share it to you. Our main source is from Ayu’s flipboard magazines, then we will share it on our twitter account. It will be a series of the latest news, that’s why we call it newseries 🙂

We think Monday is the perfect day as it the starting of the week. Even though we can’t fix the time (pretty much depend on our schedule every week), but as much as we can we will try to do it in the morning (Jakarta Time: GMT + 6).

We start with the global news of our interests, that means about arts, design, social, environment, innovation, etc. And if we still have time we will do it with local (Indonesian) news. English of course will be the main language, but there is possibility to have news in Bahasa since it is limited to get many source about the local news. Moreover, we will tweet when we are going to start.

So, it will be every Monday,
on twitter @chiyoandaya ,
with #newseries ,
if you want to read more news or maybe missing the series, follow and subscribe Ayu’s flipboard here


Hope to get you there!!


chiyo & aya