Believing in Peace at The Least of July


Hello All,


Although this comes at the end of the month, we think the post is worth the time.

This month, especially on these last two weeks, the world is awaken by the threats against ‘peaceful’ that are happening in different places right now.

The recent big events like what happen in Eastern Europe or Middle East, are threats that shocked the world. But, the more we want to know the story what’s really going on, the sadder we become to learn the pain of others, the darker we see the world.

However, we are most of the time blinded with the smaller events around us. Whether our neighbor got beaten in the corner of the block, or our sister received unfairness treatement in the office, or our colleague lost her family due to accident by unforced human error. The threat of peace, is actually everywhere.

Rather than physical pain, the mental damage is much more dangerous and painful. That’s why we get angry, sad and anxious. Because it doesn’t matter if the cause is small or big events, the threats of peace, the acts of bullying, heavily suffer the victims and people who love them.

If you wonder what you should do towards others, towards your life, and towards the world, then we’d like to promote something, that is:

believing in peace, love and kindness

Because peace is the only form of freedom that guarantee happiness. Because love and kindness are the ultimate weapon to fight against darkness and sorrow. And because people ultimately cannot live without these three words (and money of course).

When we really ‘believe in them’ eventually we will ‘act on them’. The stronger we feel, the more we want to do. We might not know how long for this to actually work on wide scale, but we do believe that by doing this, we change something better.

Two things that we shouldn’t forget, one is that human is not perfect. Meaning, there is no human that perfectly good, the same thing that there is no one that perfectly bad.

That’s why a person will not only have bad things in life, likewise a person will not only have good things in life.

That’s why there always be a chance for peace and become imperfectly good together. And shall not ask ‘how about being bad?’ and forget about it.


Stay positive and keep in peace,

Chiyo & Aya