Big Courage in January 2015

Hello All!

Hope everyone have a good weekend and of course holiday breaks for those who are lucky…

Time flash too fast in 2014. Many things happened, the good and the bad. For us, it was flashing like a wind, we don’t even know what happened anymore. This first week of the year really take us going through what happened in last year.

This year of 2015 will be a breakthrough for us. There will be a chance for another life changing. An excited thing, an urgent thing, an important thing, so many to look forward to. Things that will spread our wings wider.

However, to take one-by-one steps further, it will need enormous courage. That courage might absord a lot of positive energy for eveything surround us. That’s why January will be the crucial time as the starting of the year. We hope that together with everyone, to hold our hands tightly. So that the steps of courage won’t be so heavy to take.

One more cheers for everyone surround us.


With Lots of love,

Chiyo & Aya