Author’s Time: 2015 is The Show Time!

Hello Everyone!

This time it’s Ayu~~~
It might be late, but I wish everyone a great year ahead.

Last year, Chiyo & Aya started to open their book. They finally showed themselves in the online world. Thanks to that myself also able to connect with more people who inspiring and passionate about arts and culture. But both Chiyo and Aya still long way for improvements.

As you guys might know, we pretty much didn’t post anything since July last year. Even though in the real world, I continued being involved in arts events and social activities.

For other bloggers out there, you might know what the problem is. Yup, it’s about time. Or maybe it just an excuse, the main problem is myself for not able to manage my own

Regardless, there is a reason behind it. That’s what I want to share it with you. Since August last year, I was busy applying for master degree in Kyoto University, Japan.

For those whose familiar with Japanese education, you might know that it’s not easy to get into the University. The truth is, I have been wanting to get in for about three years now. There is one master program that I want in the University which is not available in other Japanese Universities.

Actually, on summer 2013 when I was in Holland, I sent my application of the program but I was rejected. I was working full time on that time. I couldn’t focus myself on the things that I want. After that, I became confused what I should do. Pretty much it was the reason why I decided to go back to Indonesia.

This year I convinced myself and gathered my confidence to give it a try once again. I wrote the application and sent it on September 2014. Around one month later, I received the announcement that my application is approved. It was something that I wanted so much, yet it felt so unbelievable that I got in. Because they only choose 10-15 people out of hundreds. I’m fully aware that I’m only average level in academics. I’m still curious how they choose me. But didn’t matter, I was overwhelmed anyway.

Ever since then, I have been busy to prepare myself for the study. The study will start on April 2015. Right now, I’m still struggling on my financial support. I’m applying for scholarships from several corporate foundation through the University. And other alternatives like sponsorship or study loan. But nothing is clear enough. Yet the clock keeps ticking.

However, just last week there is a slight of light that could shine for me. I got request for interview about one of scholarship application that I sent. The interview will be held in the University campus. Yes, meaning I’ll have a short trip to Kyoto. Unexpectedly, It’ll be my first time to go to the country.

It’s a wish. But I don’t realize when, it already becomes a dream. Not only for me, but I also have a big hope for Chiyo & Aya. Kyoto is the world famous of arts and culture. I’m sure their characters will shine more.

So this is my story in the beginning of 2015. This year for me will be the highest betting point that I ever be in life! I feel excited, nervous, scared and overwhelmed all on the same time. It’s only 3 months away until the program starts. I’ll keep doing 200% of what I normally do. It’s time for new chapter. This is the show time. All or nothing. Let’s hope for the best!

If anyone has similar story to share, we’re more than pleased to hear it!

Lots of love,