February’s Love In The Air

Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to resist the feeling of love in February. It’s time for everyone to spare time with your loved ones in the middle of the busy schedule. We all know that it’s good feeling to receive love from others.

What we often forget is to return the favor, giving love. We might give love to the close we love everyday, but how about to others in a little distance? Are we not receiving love from them? Sure, we are. The postman, the newspaper boy, the grocery shopkeeper, the front office lady, the security guy in our building, the grandma living next door.
We receive love from the works that they do and as apart from their lives.
It might be small things, such as smile and greeting, but for sure it makes our day brighter.

If we are lucky enough to be surrounded by those people, let’s return the favor to give them love.
And even if we feel there is no such person around us, or that we don’t know if people give their best at their work everytime, or that we don’t know when we gonna meet such lovely people.

But if we can reach out our hands a little bit, it might change something.
Let’s start to create the surrounding that we love, by giving love to people.
It might looks like a long journey, but for sure it’s already one step ahead.

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Keep spreading love,

Chiyo & Aya