Jazz Buzz: The Soul of Young Local Musicians

Event: Jazz Buzz

Date: 21 February

Place: Teater Salihara, Jakarta

Musicians: Irsa Destiwi (Piano), Robert Mulya Raharja (Gitar), Rega Dauna (Harmonica)

The Stage in Teater Salihara

On the other day, me and an old friend spent saturday night and we decided to see a Jazz concert. Before we hung into our old rubbish talks and ate my tempted food at that moment, Sate, we were heading to Komunitas Salihara. 

I have been there for several times. And it was my second time coming for music event. I always love the place because it always bring ‘the artistic atmosphere’, truly a community of creative minds.

We arrived around 6 pm while the performance only started at eight. We looked upstairs to Galeri Salihara where I know there was an exhibition, but let’s save that for later.

The music event we were on called Jazz Buzz. It was the annual mini festival of the Salihara community. The event dedicated for the young generations from the young local jazz musicians to perform their gifts of music.

It had been two weekends series of performance. On 14 – 15 and on 21 – 22 February, each day had two slots of performance with different musicians.

Straight at eight, we entered a dark stage room decorated with stacks of bricks for the wall and old fashion wood and steel for the stairs. We climbed upstairs and found our seats.

At first I thought the stage would be too dark for a jazz performance although they had the lightings. As always we didn’t allow to take any pictures because the light from our cellphone will be distrubing. So I took a quick shot of the stage.

Our performers that night was Irsa Destiwi on Piano and Robert Mulya Raharja on Gitar. Later I read that the two of them had been in the same music group called Shadow Puppets Quartet. The group released 2 albums, Birdcage  (2011) and Extended Play (2010).

That night, they played original compositions which have been familiar in the local audiences’ ears, but all with different arrangements. There was also a special guest, Rega Dauna who played a harmonica together with them. All three of them have been performed in many stages with senior local musicians.

The performance was enjoyful. They played jazz, pop, classic original compositions from local and international musicians that had arranged into pure, light, beautiful in the ear jazz arrangements. Their combination to switch the leading melody from their instruments was well smooth.

What I thought was even more amazing was when Rega Dauna showed up and played harmonica. It surprised how pretty clear the sound was. I never heard a harmonica being played in Jazz without any vocals before. It sure added the coolness to their performance.

And I am sure I was not alone to think that way. The audience surely loved it. They closed the performance with local artist famous compositions, Posesif by Naif and Separuh Aku by Noah.

Just like my music post before, I put link of the records that I took during the events. The first one unfortunately had some distrubing sounds of my neighbor, but the performance sound nevertheless is good. And the second record is the one with a harmonica. If an case you want to share the link don’t forget to put the copy right properly.

Jazz Buzz 1

Jazz Buzz 2

Happy Jazzy Weekend All,