Say Thank You in May

Hi everyone,

Finally Spring is here!!

We all hope the weather keeps getting nicer, but in some places it change quite a lot, like here in kyoto.

Yes, we finally moved here since March for Ayu’s study. As you can guess, that’s why we haven’t write anything since we arrived due to her busy schedule. For sure, she will tell more about living in Kyoto later.

Because of that turnout event, we have so many people to be thankful for. We could not have been here without the people who support us.

Come to think of it, what is ‘support’ from other people anyway? It is such a wide meaning word. Of course, parents support their children in terms of finance. But once you are an adult, you know that there is more extensive meaning of your family ‘support’ other than financial support. We think the best word to describe it here is ‘faith’. The people who support us, in some extend they have ‘faith’ for us, for what we are doing.

By receiving that feeling of ‘faith’ from the people who we feel dearly, it encourages us to do better in what we are doing. Especially when we’re feeling down, the forms like warm hug and kind words, often effective to make us feel better. And we immediately feel the support from others. They have the faith that we can be alright and move on.

Just like the teacher shouted “don’t give up” when our first marathon. We might felt out of breath, not able to move one inch further, but the teacher’s words just keep repeating in the back of our mind. Until we realized that we actually made to the finish line. What a good kid supposed to do in movies or fairy tale books, is to run back to the teacher and say ‘thank you’ with bright smile.

However, in this busy world, we might forgot to even look back and keep moving forward. There is nothing such the best time to say thank you to the people that support us. We don’t need to have events reminder like thanksgiving, birthday, graduation, or waiting for a nice weather to say it.

It might be difficult for some people to verbally say it from their mouth. But we are living in the modern world now. Although they result less emotional than verbal coversation, other communication medias such as emails, social network and  platform can be the tools. Or the least we can do, it’s to feel grateful in our hearts for their support. It will be much better if we can use it as motivation for what we want to achieve. 

For those who made to the milestones or your finishing line, whether the line is crowded with people or not, this time might be a chance to look back the ones who is shouting the powerful words to you. And say ‘thank you’.

This month quote is from the song ‘arigatou’ from Japan popular idol group SMAP, mostly dedicated for our dearest friend, Minami-chan. ‘Thank you for your endless faith’.


Chiyo & Aya