Author Time: Kyoto 1st Impression

Hello All,

So glad to write here again! As mentioned on the latest post, I moved out from Indonesia for my master study. It’s almost 3 months since I moved to Kyoto, Japan. A lot of things to do already! But everyday I learn new different things. So excited! Let me share with you my first three months impression in Kyoto!

If I can describe the city in just three words based on my observation for these three months, that will be: shrines, tourists and students. These three things are for sure you can see everywhere around the city.

Illumination Light Festival in Shore-in Temple on April

In case someone doesn’t know, Kyoto is famously called as City of Thousand Shrines. It is likely true! It’s amazing that they are just everywhere..I think even if I stay here for two years, I wouldn’t manage to visit all of them. Kyoto is the place for most of world’s herritage shrines. Some of the-must-see shrines/temple are: kiyomizudera, shimogamo-jinja, kinkaku-ji, Heian Jingu, and so on.

Shrine Gate in Arashiyama

Beautiful Garden in Heian Jingu Shrine

Kyoto city is also one of the The Most Visited Tourist City on earth. In 2015 alone, about 200,000 tourists visit this ancient city. It thanks to the preserving Japanese cultural activities and places from Kyoto city citizens and government. It’s not only foreign tourist that filled up the city, number of domestic tourists is actually still dominant in the city. Domestic tourists usually comes on specific event on the city or when it is a good weather day. In just after 3 months, I could easily found wandering faces all over the city…lol

Tourists crowd near Kiyamizudera ancient shopping town

Tourists walking in Fushimi Inari

Another thing you could spotted around the city is students. Kyoto is a home for around 30 universities. College students are likely found on the cafe or family restaurant with their bunch of thick books and laptop around. Because of the city vibrant culture, Kyoto also attract many foreign students. When you spot a foreigner that looks familiar with the surrounding, most likely he/she is the foreign student.

Lotus Garden in Mimurotoji Temple

Personally, I really like the city. It’s the perfect balance of what modern city can offer, ancient historical places and nature. The thing that I like the most is that I can easily get fresh air in nature for one day, half a day or even only in a few hours. Just by taking a bus or even walking, I can have a break from study or work.

Sakura Tree near Kamogawa River in April

So, I hope you guys will enjoy reading chiyo and aya journey in Kyoto, the city of culture. I’ll get back to you next time.