Beautiful Mind on November

Hi all,

Good to be back!

Autumn is here!

Maybe in almost parts of the world, autumn has started since october. In Japan, however, the autumn is quite late. This year’s autumn peak will be mid of November. It’s been two years since we have the last autumn. We’re lucky to enjoy the weather in this fascinating-autumn-view-country. So exicted~

Autumn often symbolizes as romantic when the leaves start changing into mature colors. It also have image of peacefulness when the weather cools down and blows the chilly breezes.

The season illustrates unpredictable beauty. Even though the weather keeps changing, until the extend that you don’t know whether you should wear your raincoat or not. But in every single of its day, autumn brings something beautiful surround us. In the end, we still look forward what beauty it brings us everyday.

It is the same thing with our life. It is beautiful. The good and the bad. Everyday lies hidden beauty for us to experience and to learn. But we never know exactly what will happen on the next day. In that case, we should, like the season do, look forward to unpredictable beautiful of our life.

Keep your heart warm.
Cheers for our beautiful mind.


Chiyo and Aya