February Treatment

Hi all!

Does anyone feel relieved that January is just over? We so do ^_^ Exam period is just finished. It’s time to slowdown a little bit in the cold. Maybe for those out there who were packed with start of the year deadlines, could feel the same way. 

image from weheartit

Besides giving times to loosen our schedule, February treats us with warmth both for our body and heart. At least in Kyoto, this year winter has been told not as cold as usual. There are more sunny days although the temperature keeps on a single digit. Additionally, the high tensions of love flows everywhere since the infamous Valentine Day just passed. 
No matter how busy you could be this year, we hope that you can treat yourself the February’s warmth with the dearly ones. 

Lastly from us, we hope to treat you with some long-waited-posts! 

Keeping warm!
Chiyo and Aya