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Have you ever feel that you have two different interests? two different characters? It is not like complicated double personality disorder that you saw on movies, not two completely opposite personalities. It is more mutual supportive personalities. But they are still different than each other. For instance, you know that you always been a bookworm, but then you found out that you are a traveller as well. They are different interests, hence you feel that you have different personality when you are enjoying doing each of them. That is exactly happen here.

I’ve been in a journey on finding myself and learning continuously to love it. As I grow older, I convince myself that I discovered two dominant personalities in my character. I feel weird in the beginning, denied one of them because I thought a person can handle only one. But neither of them disappeared. So I decided to explore both of them and bring the positive sides out of them into my character. I then created Chiyo and Aya. If you asking why, I’d say it is interesting to create imaginary player that you like a lot. Just like you create characters for drama, movie, story, etc. It’s amazing feeling to direct two fiction characters that you feel the most real and familiar, because they are reflection of yourself.

Both Chiyo and Aya are Japanese names. ‘Aya’ in Japanese Kanji written as 彩, which means ‘color’; or it also can be written as 綾, which means ‘design’. While ‘Chiyo’ written as 千代, 千 (chi) means ‘thousand’ combined with 代 (yo) means ‘generations’. They are the perfect names for their character. Chiyo, a girl in thousand generation, she is passionate about environment, people, culture, society, health, food and travel. And colorful-design-lover Aya loves art, design, craft, fashion and photography.

This blog will be my platform to expose their characters and their interests. I imagine that this is sort of like online magazine which all about them. I will be those two players and post the topic that suit them by putting either of their names on the signature. But there will be some posts that I represent both of them, so I’ll use both names. Their journey is my real life events and my journey is their lifes. I hope that you will like their stories as much as I love to be them.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”

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