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Ayu Hannisfa born on 12 February 1989 in Jakarta, Indonesia. On the age of 18, she moved to the Netherlands by her own to pursuit her study majoring in International Logistics Management. She stayed in the country after 4 years of study and 2 years of working the she moved back to her home country to find her settlement. She can speak Indonesian, English, and a little Japanese.

On her journey back to Indonesia, she discovered things that have changed in her character since she lived abroad. She has longed interest in design and art since she was a child. And she also develops her interest in society, culture, travel and sustainability. As she wants to embrace herself into the next chapter on her life, she writes a blog called the world of Chiyo and Aya by the time she was 24. She creates two characters within herself, Chiyo and Aya, and plays both roles on the blog. The blog is full of their interests, discoveries and stories. By exploring those two characters, she continous the beautiful journey of her life.

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Visit her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayu.hannisfa

Read her tweet:  https://twitter.com/nyuu2

Connect her in Linkedin: id.linkedin.com/in/ayuhannisfa/

Follow her instagram: http://instagram.com/ayuhannisfa

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