Young, Creative and Inspiring: Social Entrepreneurs in The New Concept of Positivo

On Saturday April 12th morning, I found myself preparing refreshment food in a hip-loft-like office. It was my first time being there although my big brother talked a lot about the free space available for young entrepreneurs in one of Jakarta’s main business area. We were getting ready for the 3rd Positivo Meetup held in […]

Present for 2014: The Real Presents Are The Ones Which Unseen

Morning All, A couple days ago I promised to write you the messages from donators who are not only kind but also generous enough to care about others. The messages have power to give someone else strengths, courage and hope. In fact, they worth much much more than the tangible presents. Maybe it wouldn’t be […]

Street Children Project: Present for 2014 – Positivo Meetup and More Update

Hi all, How was everyone weekend? Mine was beyond great! I’m so happy we made many progress from the present project. Here are some great updates on last weekend: Positivo Meetup Last Saturday, we finally had Positivo Meetup. My brother and I were so happy because many people managed to come despite Jakarta’s horrible rainy […]