Celebrating History, Wilderness, Ethnic and Diplomacy

Photography Exhibition: Memories from Borneo   Dedicated for His Photographs, Wolfganf Leupold   Flashback in Time: The Unspoiled Borneo Wildlife jungles full of giantic trees that grew towards the sun with big roots that came out from the ground, home of hundreds of plants and animals. Strong flow rivers that spread widely throughout the islands, […]

The City Series: Lagos Transformation

Location: Lagos, Nigeria Photography Essay by: Julian Roder Exhibition: The City – Becoming and Decaying Photograph ‘Swahili and Worker’s House in Ebute Metta ‘ by Julian Roder Nigerian capital city, Lagos, is the largest city in the country as well as ‘the magnet’ of West Africa. Lagos is the seventh fast growing city in the […]

The City Series: Moabit, The City Behind The Wall

Location: Moabit, Germany Photography Essay by: Jordis Antonia Schlosser Exhibition: The City – Becoming and Decaying Photograph ‘Street Look’ by Jordis Schlosser Moabit is an inner city of Berlin. It is well known as Central Criminal Court and detentian centre that deals with all criminal cases in Berlin. Jordis Schlosser took a journey to the […]

The City: Becoming and Decaying – The Exhibition

Photography Exhibition Indonesian National Gallery 24 January – 07 February Building A, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur no. 14, Jakarta Organized by: Goethe Institute In a steamy humid day just two days after heavy rain poured the whole city for one full week, I completely tied up in the second most crowded and populated urban city. […]