Street Children Project: Present for 2014 – Positivo Meetup and More Update

Hi all, How was everyone weekend? Mine was beyond great! I’m so happy we made many progress from the present project. Here are some great updates on last weekend: Positivo Meetup Last Saturday, we finally had Positivo Meetup. My brother and I were so happy because many people managed to come despite Jakarta’s horrible rainy […]

Street Children Project: Present for 2014 – Poster and More..

Hi All, Finally the poster is finished! Now we are ready to spread the words to the worlds!!! (Okay, I’m warning you the tension is just too high..) Although I wrote the story on my previous post, here are some things about the project: The Project We collect the old or unused dolls and toys […]

Street Children Project: Presents for 2014 – Diary 1

Hello all, Recently, I started myself to giving something to others. It began from a meetup that my big brother created just 2 days after I arrived in Jakarta. The meetup called Positivo, a place where people can stay, focus, share, and contribute on positive things among those negative things going on in the world. […]